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What is Lean?
​What is Lean?

It helps you save money, time and improves your operations immediately.  

What is LeanOnAg?

The Founder of LeanOnAg is a Farmer who has implemented Lean all over the World. LeanOnAg was created to help you utilize Lean in Agriculture Operations successfully.

​What can Lean do for me?

Lean, has been applied all over the world to save money, time and labor. The founder of LeanOnAg has an extensive track record of saving money and will provide details on the 100's of money saving projects that were implemented and saving money right now. 

​How much does it cost?

It is up to you! Yes you decide the length and number of visits with LeanOnAg.
There is a simple per day fee that you pay and while LeanOnAg is onsite. The Tools, Training, and Materials are all provided from LeanOnAg during the visit. It is up to you on how far and fast you want to implement.

What are Lean Tools?

​5s, Value Stream Mapping, Standard Work, 365-Plans and Work Instructions are just a few. However the importance of LeanOnAg is the Founder has the "Barn of Lean" which focuses the right tools to the right problems. This is what seperates LeanOnAg from other companies...we helpyou identify the right tools for your Operation.
​Why isn't Lean applied in Agriculture already?

​Experts in Lean and the tools can be found easily. They may know the tools. But just as a 9/16" wrench can't tighten a 1/2" Bolt. You can't take the tools from other industries and apply them to Agriculture. There's a path for each tool and the "Barn of Lean" helps apply them properly to your industry.

​Why should I use LeanOnAg?

The Founder will create a Custom Solution for your Unique Challenges...there are no two plans that are identical. The Founder, who has a Diverse Agriculture background with Corporate & Family Operations will be able to help you Thrive. The Results will be seen in many aspects of your business.
​How do I contact LeanOnAg to ask more questions?


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