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Math, Facts and Data

Math, Facts and Data

Thursday, September 28, 2017




  1. Lead Like a Bus Driver
    28 Jan, 2018
    Lead Like a Bus Driver
    To be a great leader, look no further than your local bus stop. There are a few leadership lessons you can take from the local Bus Driver that will drive you further than your next career stop. First stop, how do you find the bus driver? Well, that is easy, their standard work is posted everywhere. There is published Standard Work, both paper and electronic for everyone to see. Once you find it you can walk to the location at that time and catch the Bus Driver. As simple as it sounds when you
  2. Lead with Your Ears
    21 Jan, 2018
    Lead with Your Ears
    Often you can hear people listing attributes of leadership but rarely are ears mentioned. It is a little more complicated than just having a pair of ears, sorry Vincent Van gogh, you have a slight disadvantage in this story.  Sandy and Sammy work in the plant and they are critical to the success of the operation yet rarely does anyone see them. They support nearly all the operation through their jobs. They are easily underestimated and looked over until something is missing. If you are leader,
  3. No One Owns Engagement
    14 Jan, 2018
    No One Owns Engagement
    Meet Sara and Jane they have been working for the company for 10 plus years, each of them considered strong performers within the business.  They enjoy working in small groups but don't participate in anything else even when invited. They like to do there job and leave for the day, they are knowledgeable and overall solid employees. In their minds they owe only the basic actions to the company, work each day and get paid, they are like many employees within an organization. Amy the Director of
  4. Leadership is a Journey without a destination
    05 Nov, 2017
    Leadership is a Journey without a destination
    Meet Jim, he is quiet and reserved but very driven to be the next level talent in the Organization. He has an entry level Supervisor Role within the Business since graduating from College. He has been through the Corporate standard training that all "leaders" receive prior to leading teams within the company. He has a nifty certificate now saying he is capable of being responsible for someone else's future.  Now you are probably thinking of someone right now that you know who is similar to Jim.
  5. Worry less about Beating & more about Succeeding
    05 Nov, 2017
    Worry less about Beating & more about Succeeding
    ​Meet Steve, his goal is to win, at everything all the time. He like many others believe it is a dog eat dog world with the more effort you invest in winning the more you win. He focuses on pushing  himself to a point where it is over board in some cases. So much so that he is willing to step on others to climb the ladder. He has justification right, Corporations thrive on competition and only want winners on thier teams.  Steve is very successful, he is a Director and he achieved that success
  6. 3E's of Change
    28 Sep, 2017
    3E's of Change
    3E's = Effort, Evaluation, and Execution When looking to reconstruct or create a process. You must “see” the details in the big picture. Many people will talk about seeing the big picture but that is the problem. Many people would rather work on the big picture and not get their hands dirty in the research. Sustainment is founded in the 3E’s. Effort, Evaluation and Execution. Effort is you have the burden of proof as a leader to dig into the details and understand the process well enough to