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Worry less about Beating & more about Succeeding

Worry less about Beating & more about Succeeding

Sunday, November 05, 2017




  1. Leadership is a Journey without a destination
    05 Nov, 2017
    Leadership is a Journey without a destination
    Meet Jim, he is quiet and reserved but very driven to be the next level talent in the Organization. He has an entry level Supervisor Role within the Business since graduating from College. He has been through the Corporate standard training that all "leaders" receive prior to leading teams within the company. He has a nifty certificate now saying he is capable of being responsible for someone else's future.  Now you are probably thinking of someone right now that you know who is similar to Jim.
  2. Math, Facts and Data
    28 Sep, 2017
    Math, Facts and Data
    Have you ever been in a room where you knew the answer to the question before the speaker could finish asking it? Have you ever been the presenter and someone in the crowd asked a difficult question however you knew the answer? The confidence of the audience increases exponentially in turn as does the trust. The best way to ensure you build a truly transformational process you must generate trust and from it the roots of sustainment will begin to grow. Just what is Math, Facts and Data? All
  3. 3E's of Change
    28 Sep, 2017
    3E's of Change
    3E's = Effort, Evaluation, and Execution When looking to reconstruct or create a process. You must “see” the details in the big picture. Many people will talk about seeing the big picture but that is the problem. Many people would rather work on the big picture and not get their hands dirty in the research. Sustainment is founded in the 3E’s. Effort, Evaluation and Execution. Effort is you have the burden of proof as a leader to dig into the details and understand the process well enough to