​                                                            LeanOnAg Goals 

Your Partner in Lean so you worry less
about how to survive and more about
solutions to

​​ ​​


What We Do
  1. Custom Plans
    Custom Plans
    Each operation is different so the path to success will be unique. Lean on Ag will customize the 365-plan based on your operation and its strengths. The Tools are consistent but the implementation is specific to you and your operations to ensure Success.
  2. Step-by-Step
    Success begins once Lean on Ag has done the initial assessment of your Operation and the 365-Plan is developed with you and your team. We support each step with KPI's and Tools from the Barn of Lean. You can depend on us during the journey to where you want to go.
  3. Partnership
    Winning in many cases takes a team and especially in Agriculture there are many variables that impact Success. Lean on Ag understands the business and is there to support you on the Journey. A Lean on Ag partnership means our word is our bond and we are a long-term teammate.
  1. Agriculture Background
    All species, crops, feed and equipment management
  2. 20+ Years of Leadership
    Start-up and Turn-Around Talents
  3. Degrees in Ag & Technical Mgt
    Six Sigma & Lean Certifications
  4. Next Generation Problem Solving
    Lean Tools applied to your Unique Operation